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Sun, Oct 27, 2019
Passage: Mark 12:1-0
Duration: 48 mins 49 secs
Jesus tells a story in which he exposes the intentions of the chief priest and scribes to kill him. In the story God is the owner of the vineyard, Israel the vine, The chief priests the tenant farmers, the owners son, is Jesus Christ. The scribes and priest do not being exposed and want to kill Jesus but fear the crowd if they do.
Sun, Oct 20, 2019
Duration: 30 mins 4 secs
The people in Jerusalem believed they were safe and believed the message of their leaders rather than those of Ezekiel and Jeremiah. They were told the doom and gloom of the prophets didn't apply to them and to continue on as they were doing nothing was going to happen. A Bit like our world's reaction that a day of reckoning is coming.
Sun, Oct 20, 2019
Duration: 44 mins 39 secs
There are many people who will not recognise any authority but their own. Such was the case when the religious leaders confronted Jesus over the issue. He proved His source of authority and they didn't like it. Many Christians do not accept Jesus authority over their lives and resent being to how to live and what to do.
Sun, Oct 13, 2019
Duration: 30 mins
Sun, Oct 13, 2019
Duration: 54 mins 52 secs
Sometimes very difficult to know and understand what real faith is. Jesus instructs His disciples regarding faith and prayer and there is much we can learn from it
Sun, Oct 06, 2019
Duration: 31 mins 19 secs
Israel had pushed her boundaries to far and God was about to leave the Temple and the city he loved and it was because of His people. They no longer wanted Him but look for a substitute that appealed more to their liking. Judgment was coming on the Temple and soon.
Sun, Oct 06, 2019
Duration: 49 mins 28 secs
How do you spot a genuine Christian from a wanna be pretend one? Jesus pronounced a curse on the Fig tree that extended to the Temple which was a place of corruption and hypocrisy. Many of the Jewish people were not worshipping God but simply going through the motions. I wonder if the Church is any better today?
Sun, Sep 29, 2019
Duration: 39 mins 12 secs
Judgment was going to begin at the House of God - the Temple with those who were given the responsibility to lead the people in true worship and had instead embraced the idols and gods of the foreign nations around them. God says enough is enough and the time fro talking is over.
Sun, Sep 29, 2019
Passage: Mark 11:14
Duration: 38 mins 52 secs
What is it like to be a failure and live like one? To misuse the potential and waste it? In this account of the curse upon the fig tree, it was an illustration to expose the truth that externally the people of Israel for all intents and purposes were serving God but the reality is they were going through the motions and were empty inside and were not producing any fruit.
Sun, Sep 22, 2019
Duration: 1 hr 1 mins 11 secs
Lecture by Dr Samuel Green
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