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Welcome visitors to Darwin Community Church.

The highway of life presents many obstacles and challenges. Some people overcome; and some fall by the wayside. We believe that Jesus Christ is able to transform lives. We believe Jesus Christ made a difference in the world, in the lives of those He knew, and the lives of generations that followed Him. We want to do the same. We want our lives to Honour Him and benefit others. We know and understand that we are not perfect – we are a work in progress – but the One we honour and follow is!

Our deepest desire is that you might come to know God through Jesus Christ. Regardless of where you are in your search, or walk with God, we believe that God’s truth will set you free. We’re excited to be able to share our stories – real stories – of ordinary people who have been completely changed by an extraordinary God. We look upon each person as being valuable to God, and being personally loved by Him. We are encouraged to uphold, honour and love each other despite the faults we may see in each other. We believe that God can make a difference in your life, and our prayer is that we may be an encouragement to you on your journey, of faith. God bless you, and thanks for spending time with us!