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Sun, Feb 09, 2020
Passage: Mark 13:9-0
Duration: 41 mins 52 secs
Jesus tells his disciples they would face persecution and it is a warning that those who follow me will be hated for my names' sake. This means that Christians today should be prepared when persecution comes as it will as we get closer to the Lord's return. Be comforted for we will begin the strength and the words to say at that time.
Sun, Feb 02, 2020
Duration: 38 mins 8 secs
Sun, Feb 02, 2020
Passage: Mark 13:1-8:0
Duration: 48 mins 7 secs
Jesus told his disciples that certain things would take place before he comes again. Many deceptions, false prophets, fake news, natural disasters etc. As Christians are we spiritually aware the times are a changing and things are not getting better and will only get worse.
Sun, Jan 26, 2020
Duration: 35 mins 20 secs
Ezekiel addressed the false assumption that it was OK to blame their parents for all their suffering and there was nothing they could do to change it. God says not true, every soul that sins will die so accept responsibility for your own actions.
Sun, Jan 26, 2020
Duration: 52 mins 55 secs
What doe sit mean to fear God? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Solomon says it is all vanity - what then should we do to live our lives with a purpose?
Sun, Jan 19, 2020
Duration: 31 mins 49 secs
Sun, Jan 19, 2020
Passage: Job 1:1-22:0
Duration: 49 mins 12 secs
Sometimes we may feel like asking this question, we may begin to doubt God's goodness and whether He knows what He is doing. We will look at Job this morning as Job asks why things were happening to him. God didn't give him an explanation and he is still waiting for that answer. Sufficient that God reminds him I am God and I know what I am doing and you don't. Job's response was to a knowledge that there are so many things he doesn't understand and worships God.
Sun, Jan 12, 2020
Duration: 26 mins 40 secs
Ezekiel is told to tell a riddle and explain a parable in order to get the message across to the people that God would hold them personally responsible for their own sin and not the sins of the ancestors
Sun, Jan 12, 2020
Duration: 41 mins 38 secs
Sometimes we may wonder what God is doing if He is doing anything. Today we look at the life of Joseph and see how we can understand that God is working behind the scenes to accomplish his will. We are just part of the puzzle in the big picture of things.
Sun, Jan 05, 2020
Duration: 28 mins 45 secs
The Jewish people assumed because they were God's special and chosen people they were immune from Judgment. Ezekiel portrays a graphic parable that leaves very little to the imagination of what God thought of this assumption
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