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Sun, May 17, 2020
This is the last message Ezekiel delivered to Egypt and it sealed their doom. Please not due to technical difficulties we had this afternoon the sermon was not recorded. Our apologies. The notes for the outline can be viewed.
Sun, May 10, 2020
Duration: 38 mins 33 secs
What is the Tall Poppy Syndrome and how doe sit apply To Egypt?
Sun, May 10, 2020
Passage: Job 2:1-10:0
Duration: 48 mins 36 secs
Celebrating Mothers day and all the no name mothers in the Bible and the jobs they do. Today we want to focus on Mrs Job and her legacy and why she said what she did.
Sun, May 03, 2020
Duration: 32 mins 21 secs
God declares that He will break Egypt down and her allies in a near and far prophecy. Meaning there are some events that happened at that time and there are still some elements that remain unfulfilled. God breaks Pharaoh's power while strengthening Nebuchadnezzar.
Sun, May 03, 2020
Duration: 41 mins 53 secs
Jesus shows us the importance of prayer when we find ourselves squeezed in the pressures and stress of life. We need to plug into the One who can assist us in our our of need
Sun, Apr 26, 2020
Duration: 39 mins 59 secs
God sets His attention on Egypt because His people Israel trusted more in Egypt than they would in Him for their security and protection only to find that they were up the creek without a paddle for Egypt failed them time and time again.
Sun, Apr 26, 2020
Passage: Jonah 1
Duration: 48 mins 56 secs
What is my perspective of God? Is He just my God or the God of all creation? Does he love just me or does He love unbelievers as well?
Sun, Apr 19, 2020
Duration: 46 mins 12 secs
Do I tend to think that I am God? Am I trusting in my own abilities and resources to provide me with security? Do I believe that I have the right to do what I want whenever I want? The Print elf Tyre thought so and we will see what happen to him.
Sun, Apr 19, 2020
Duration: 40 mins 29 secs
How many times we have thought or said I would never do such a thing only to find that more often than not we do what we said we wouldn't. Peter, a disciples of Jesus when confronted by Jesus about his pride and that he would deny Jesus vehemently defended himself saying not me, You an count on me I would never do that to you.
Sun, Apr 12, 2020
Passage: Mark 16:1-8:0
Duration: 26 mins 35 secs
Why do people have so many objections about the Resurrection? What proof would satisfy them? Today I want to look at 4 stones that people have when it comes to accepting and believing Jesus was who He said He was.
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