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Sun, Jul 22, 2018
Duration: 34 mins 2 secs
Why does Paul start with the issue of sexual immorality for these believers? What can we learn from them that we can apply to us today? Is it a big deal for Christians today?
Sun, Jul 22, 2018
Duration: 50 mins 35 secs
What is Temptation? Is it Wrong? Why do we have it? Why was Jesus subjected to it? What does it prove?
Sun, Jul 15, 2018
Duration: 51 mins 18 secs
Many Christians do not really understand what Sanctification is and why they should be co-operating with the Holy Spirit. Paul urges and requests the Thessalonians church to do better that what they were doing. It is a challenge for Christians today to get out of our comfort zones and be all that we can be.
Sun, Jul 15, 2018
Passage: Mark 1:9-11:0
Duration: 57 mins 12 secs
Jesus public identifies with us and signals his intention to be our sin bearer through His baptism. This is the start of his ministry as a Servant - He gains the approval and affirmation of His father as His journey to the cross begins with His identification with us in human form.
Sun, Jul 08, 2018
Passage: Mark 1:1-8:0
Duration: 54 mins 15 secs
How does a person present the Good News of Jesus Christ and know that it is connecting with those he is ministering to? How did Mark approach this and why did he use John the Baptist? What effect does the Gospel have on people?
Sun, Jul 01, 2018
Duration: 45 mins 13 secs
Paul defended the accusation that he didn't care about these believers because he wasn't there with them. He reveals his care for them as they face persecution from within and without and how he sends Timothy to help them through the tough times.
Sun, Jul 01, 2018
Passage: Mark 1:1
Duration: 43 mins 36 secs
It is hard to cope with failure and move on. John Mark got a reputation as a person who had failed in his service to the Lord. It is from his perspective and understanding as a servant what the perfect servant of God should be and do and he presents to us God's perfect Servant Jesus Christ that we might learn from Him.
Sun, Jun 24, 2018
Duration: 32 mins 59 secs
Paul had been accused on not caring for these believers. That the church would not hear from him every again because he had suddenly left them. Paul sets out to correct the accusations and criticisms so they would know the truth.
Sun, Jun 24, 2018
Duration: 48 mins 59 secs
The Great Commission is still a mandate for Christians today. The question is how are we doing? Evidence suggests not very well. We have become comfortable and complacent and unaware or uncaring about the lost and their eternal destiny. Need a fresh look at the Great Commission!
Sun, Jun 17, 2018
Duration: 30 mins 41 secs
There is a dividing line between those who receive God's gift or salvation and those who reject it. Paul makes a contrast between the believers of Thessalonica and the Jews who had many opportunities to follow God but instead rejected him, hindered the prophets and would be punished in the future.
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